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The primary goal of any interviewee is to be remembered in a positive light by a prospective employer. We’re impressed when candidates know a lot about Innovating Great Minds, but there are some specific behaviors that also capture our attention. Here are a few strategies jobseekers can use to stand out from the crowd and improve their chances of getting hired:

  • Discuss Unique Skills: It’s important to be a good match for the position itself, but going a bit further is what pushes the best candidates to the top. When potential additions to Team Innovating Great Minds can succinctly explain why their unique talents will help them thrive with our company, we’re more likely to remember them.
  • Be Authentic: We want people to be themselves when they interview with us. Showing a sense of humor and being honest about weaknesses are two sure ways to make a strong impression. More than anything else, we want to see candidates who are relaxed enough to just be themselves.
  • Start With a Question: When a potential hire opens the interview with an insightful question, there’s no doubt that he or she will stick in our minds. This is especially true when candidates ask about specific parts of our approach or work culture.

These are a few proven ways for interviewees to make favorable impressions right off the bat.

Innovating great minds through great people.