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Innovating Great Minds: Careers That Do Good

Inside Innovating Great Minds, there’s a team that’s driven to succeed, because they truly care
about the work we do and our impact. With your talent and passion added to our mix, we can
do wonders for our community.

Leading Role in Being a Change Agent for Good
With Innovating Great Minds

Have you ever asked yourself, how can I make a difference? At Innovating Great Minds, we can show you how. When you join our team, you’ll become part of a core group that supports each other as we strive to improve our world. Your passions and talents for helping great causes will be applied to give voice to our many change agents. Whether it’s clean water, helping the homeless, or making communities safer for kids, let’s put your brilliance to work, starting now.

This is what we offer:


Professional Growth While Driving Positive Change

With Innovating Great Minds, you’ll have a chance to work with some of the most prominent nonprofits in our world. These change agents are committed to tackling big challenges and achieving impact each step of the way. We lend our voices to tell others near and far about the outstanding work they’re doing, building a wave of support they need to continue their missions. Our reputation for inspiring others on behalf of these charities is why we continue to grow. To ensure we’re getting the results they need, we’ve developed an intensive training program that transfers knowledge through one-to-one coaching and real-world experiences so that everyone on our team has the skills and resources to do their part for our partners.


Be Part of a Thriving Team Driven to Succeed

Doing good is easier when you’re supported by others who share your goals and who bring unique perspectives to the discussion. We’ve cultivated an energetic culture that makes our workspace an exciting and inspiring place to be. Add in the fun we have together as we travel to conferences, enjoy team nights, and even venture to exotic locales to celebrate victories. The bonds we create are why we’re always on top of our game.


Be Part of a Movement for Social Good With Us

Every day, we’re doing our part to make this world a better place by generating awareness for charities and organizations on a mission to do good. We’re motivated and inspired each step of the way. Join Innovating Great Minds to see how you can be part of something big.

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Careers Available at Innovating Great Minds

Does what we do resonate with your passions? To discover the opportunities available, please send a cover letter and résumé to

Innovating great minds through great people.