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We’re Privileged to Work With Angelo

When we look to the future at Innovating Great Minds we can’t help but be thankful to have someone like Angelo on our team. It’s rare to find a more motivated and driven individual, but that’s what Angelo is all about as he strives for success on his own career journey, and works hard to ensure the same success for his team.


Currently Angelo is expanding the Innovating Great Minds team as he heads to Kansas City in search of new talent to add to our roster. We know that opportunities await him there and we’ll be watching the team he chooses closely, because we can’t wait to see what amazing ventures he takes on next!


If you’re a motivated individual in the Kansas City area who is looking to make a change, you might think about joining Angelo in this new adventure with Innovating Great Minds.


Are you in the Kansas City or Fort Lauderdale areas? If you feel like you’re ready to take the ride of a lifetime with Angelo and the Innovating Great Minds crew, check out our Newswire feed for the latest openings on our team.

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