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Orlando Regional Meeting Brings Excitement

On November 8-9, we’ll be attending our industry’s regional meeting in Orlando. This event is an ideal opportunity for Team Innovating Great Minds to reflect on the successes of 2019 and pick up some tips on how to make 2020 even better. We’ll meet the top producers and influential leaders from all across the country while we’re in Orlando, so we can’t wait to discuss our experiences when we get back home.

Just spending time with successful people is inspiring enough on its own, but adding them to our Innovating Great Minds networks will be even more rewarding. When we get back to the home office, we’ll share notes on who we met and how they might help us reach ambitious growth goals in 2020 and beyond.

We also get to learn by watching the way accomplished leaders interact with people. The confidence they display in crowded settings like the regional meeting tells you all you need to know about why these people have achieved so much. Top-flight leaders listen intently, ask lots of questions, and generally make others feel like they’re the only people in the room. Being around these types of elite managers helps us streamline our own leadership growth journeys.

The regional meeting is a great way to build momentum toward our end-of-year goals. To keep up with all our team wins, follow Innovating Great Minds on Instagram.

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