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Looking Forward to an Incredible New Year

We’re so excited for everything 2020 has to offer in the Innovating Great Minds office! We have set bigger, better, and more inspiring goals for the next year and we’re looking forward to meeting and even exceeding our expectations. The next 12 months are sure to be a wild ride and we’re all buckled in.

To ensure we build on the momentum we created in 2019, we’re focusing on the fundamentals that have worked well for us so far. For instance, the Innovating Great Minds training program is foundational to our success. We connect new hires with their own coaches from day one, and immerse them in our operations for hands-on learning. This brings novice associates up to speed quickly, and gives them a chance to taste career success soon after joining our team.

Our unified team culture is also a pillar of our success, and we’ll continue to do what it takes to keep that strong. Team nights offer an effective way to help associates bond by getting us out of the office to blow off some steam. Not only do we have a lot of fun, but we build lasting bonds that make coming to work more like hanging out with our friends.

Big goals backed by continual learning and an atmosphere that invites success – the possibilities are endless. Like Innovating Great Minds on Facebook to see how your 2020 goals might fit in with ours.

Innovating great minds through great people.