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Networking has played a key role in the growth of Innovating Great Minds. Our people have opened many doors thanks to meeting the right individuals. So, whenever a new associate joins us, we teach him or her the essentials of building professional relationships. With a few key lessons, almost anyone can accelerate his or her career advancement.

Professional communities all have super-connectors. These are the people who make it their business to know others. They are great at making friends and even better at introducing those who can be valuable to each other. These are great people to know. Befriend a super-connector early in your networking efforts so you can gain access to people you can help and who can help you.

Often the most effective relationship building happens one on one in casual settings like cafes. Although we like to send Innovating Great Minds’ associates to industry events, we know that inviting someone for coffee can be even more powerful. So, get in the habit of reaching out to people you want to get to know and offering to buy them some drinks.

The most valuable relationships continue to benefit both parties over time. To be a truly effective networker, always start by building trust. Be authentic when you meet people and be quick to offer help. Genuine relationships built on trust can pay off significantly.

These lessons on networking will fuel your career growth.

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