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International Conference Offers Major Rewards

We’re thrilled to be attending an international conference in Miami. This event is bringing together some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. We know we’ll add lots of game changers to our Innovating Great Minds contact lists, and come back to the office with fresh inspiration. This meeting is an ideal chance for us to build momentum to make sure 2020 is a year to remember.

Constant improvement is a major part of the Innovating Great Minds culture. Traveling to events like the international conference is one of the best ways to expand our professional horizons. We learn so much when we’re around successful people, soaking up their wisdom and finding out what’s working well in other markets. This meeting is especially beneficial because we’re meeting with influential leaders from all over the world. It’s tough to match the amount of good advice on offer in Miami this weekend.

We’re also working hard to add helpful contacts during our time in Miami. Successful networking means listening intently and asking the right kinds of questions. We like to let our new connections do the majority of the talking. Once we find some common interests or goals, we’re quick to offer whatever kind of assistance we can. From there, it’s easy to build a mutually beneficial bond.

Our trip to Miami should deliver long-lasting benefits. To get updates on all our team trips and major projects, follow Innovating Great Minds on LinkedIn.

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