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Cris Raises the Performance Bar for High Achievers

Recognition plays a major role in the Innovating Great Minds office for two main reasons. First, our team members are the best, and we enjoy letting them know it. Second, once basic financial needs have been met, feeling valued is one of the most important requirements a professional has. For both these motives, we want to make sure Cris, one of our crew leaders, knows how much he is appreciated.

Cris has only been with Innovating Great Minds for six months, but he has been developing and learning quickly. He is already a big asset to Melissa, our company Owner, and her leadership team. He’s often the first person to work in the morning, and his ambition shines bright throughout the day. Cris has a military background that we’re all proud of – he was a combat engineer for three years. As evidence of just how big an impact he’s already made at the firm, Cris will be heading to Tampa for a special business trip with other select team members.

People with Cris’ drive and enthusiasm are perfect for our team, in large part because of our training program. It’s designed to work at whatever pace a person wants to advance at – which in Cris’ case, seems to be pretty fast! Through one-to-one coaching, workshops, and travel events (like the Tampa trip) we give our crew all the resources they need to succeed.

Thank you again, Cris, for bringing your A-game to work with you every day. Like Innovating Great Minds on Facebook to learn more about our high achievers.

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