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Congratulations to Igor for Earning a Promotion

Each month we like to put at least one of our team members in the Innovating Great Minds spotlight by writing about them in this blog. The decision on who to highlight was an easy one this time, because we’re all excited to congratulate Igor on the promotion he just earned to crew leader.

Igor attended Miami-Dade College where he studied business management. He also played soccer, which cemented his team leadership experience. Hospitality/tourism was another area of interest for Igor, which broadened his perspective on customer service. By combining all these skills and talents together with our Innovating Great Minds training, Igor is in position to rise quickly to crew leader. And he’s already thinking about his next moves as he trains and expands his team: in the future, Igor plans to run his own office.

We’re certain Igor will achieve his goals, because he’s developed the success habits that lead to accomplishment. For instance, he knows how to make a decision and see it through, and he’s skilled at communicating expectations. He’s all about leading by example as well, which makes him a great fit for our office culture. Integrity is one of our most important company values.

We’re proud of Igor for earning his promotion, and look forward to seeing how he excels in his new role. Like Innovating Great Minds on Facebook to learn more about our rising stars.

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